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My Special Needs Child: Advocating, Parenting, and Finding Strength

I’ve been working on my latest project: An e-book with resources to help you with your special needs child or other family member or friend. It’s almost ready to be released. But I don’t want you to wait on me before you obtain the help you need for a family member. So, I put together […]

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What do you do to care for yourself?

I won’t ask you about your “triggers” or how you’re coping or what coping skills you’re using. I won’t ask you because I’ve heard feedback from people who have participated in treatment programs  how unhelpful those phrases are. The first time I heard this feedback it stirred up curiosity as it is fundamental to training […]

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How to Achieve Emotional Independence

Emotional Independence is an ongoing journey. As people grow and mature, managing their emotions in the experience of ordinary daily living tends to become easier with time. Yet, arriving at this level of maturity takes practice, practice, practice, and the willingness to be vulnerable. The best laboratory for building emotional muscle is your life and […]

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Addiction abruptly ends lives, but there’s always a New Thought, Right Action to choose

I attended the funeral of a 20-year-old man last week. He died from complications associated with addiction. It was several years of struggle for his family as they helped him navigate resources to manage this chronic, relapsing brain disorder. The funeral home was packed with nearly 200 friends–many of them the same age and most […]

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