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Spring Ahead to Good Sleep

Except for Arizonians, a collective groan is being moaned this week as people hit the snooze alarm to compensate for the hour’s loss of sleep from springing ahead with Daylight Savings time. But even Arizonians cross-country travel, so they, too, can be heard calculating hours lost from time zone changes and Daylight Savings. With a […]

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Lady Gaga and taking care of your vision

The first person with blindness I ever met was Pat, my mother’s high school friend. She had Type II Diabetes and the illness had taken her vision. I learned from Pat how to pour a drink without it spilling over by keeping my clean finger at the rim. Because of Pat, I spent a summer […]

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Go slow with chili peppers and conflict

Professional and personal relationships can be challenging, especially if there’s a conflict. Somedays, they are like chili peppers. In looking at the pepper, you believe it won’t be that bad and you can handle it, but once you bite into it, you’re committed. Even if you spit out the bite as soon as you perceive […]

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Be a SMART Cookie about your 2019 resolutions

If you’re going to have 2019 resolutions, then be a SMART cookie about them. Of course, giving up cookies may be one of your resolutions. And if you’re SMART about it, you will set up your goals so you can count how many cookies you gave up, unless your goal is to eat more of […]

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