Services for hire

  • “Letters to a Dearheart”–Is there someone in your life you would like to convey meaningful, heartfelt wisdom to? Consider sending them a letter which your recipient can retain as a keepsake. We will personalize and craft a message which will convey the wisdom you have you would like to pass along to someone dear to you.
  • Sounding Board Services–Do you have a choice to make, such as changing careers or ending or starting a relationship, and you aren’t clear on what you want to do?  New Thought, Right Action Consulting Services can facilitate a clarity session to assist you in your decision making process. For Career Changers, we offer Career Development testing and assessments to help you filter through to your right livelihood. “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Marc Anthony
  • Transformational Conflict Resolution Sessions–Has a relationship reached a stalemate because of an unresolved conflict? Through a collaborative process, New Thought, Right Action Consulting Services will serve as a neutral mediator to guide a healthy dialogue so you can find some closure to a long-standing difference.

  • Consulting Services for Transitions–Do you have a family member who needs more care than you can provide? You do not have to figure it out alone.  Rely on New Thought, Right Action’s worldwide network to help you find the right setting for your family member’s needs, whether that’s an adolescent who is struggling with addiction or mental health concerns or an aging or disabled family member who needs a team for ongoing care. We can help you find the best setting for your family member so you can sleep at night, knowing they are in a supportive, healthy, clean environment.
  • Retreats and Workshops–Do you need a knowledgeable, entertaining speaker for your retreat or in-service workshop. New Thought, Right Action can lead your support group or co-workers in a retreat or workshop that will help you take a break and recharge for a more positive perspective.

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