New Thought, Right Action Consulting

Increase Resilience, Well-Being and the Bottom Line

Clinical Hypnosis for Health and Success

Hypnosis is a tool which leverages change. In a hypnosis session, a person will use three primary resources of the mind:

  • Mental imagery or imagination. The mind makes use of imagery, even if it is only symbolic, to bring about changes you are working for.
  • Concentrated attention. Your mind receives suggestions which are in line with what you want.
  • Unconscious exploration. You will understand underlying motivations for your decisions and then you will see an expansion of choices for desirable change.

Workplace Mindfulness

You will increase productivity, presence, resiliency and an overall sense of well-being when you learn mindfulness. When people feel less stress and anxiety, they naturally perform better. We offer an 8-week module, retreats or workshops tailored to your company. You will be amazed at how learning a mindful way to living will change everything.

Transformational Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a natural part of relationships. Yet many people find it uncomfortable to manage it. Or, worse yet, they avoid it. Unresolved conflict can hinder your workplace’s ability to fulfill its mission. If toxic workplace conflict is preventing you from being an effective leader, then connect with us for a one-to-one consultation package. We listen to your concerns. Then, we provide feedback and reflection on how conflict has been affecting you. You will develop skills and strategies to handle conflict more effectively and minimize stress.

Individual Relationship Coaching

Are you struggling with personal or family issues, such as a secret addiction or an extra-marital affair? Are you worried these family or personal issues may affect your professional reputation? If so, please reach out to us for a confidential consultation to discover resources and connections which will help you resolve your concerns.