Texas Residents Only

Howdy, Texans! If you are a Texas resident, you have access to therapy through New Thought, Right Action’s sister site: The Being Place.

Are you in the Houston area? We could meet in face-to-face appointments. But if you don’t want to fight the traffic, that’s cool. If you live in a remote area you may wish you could talk to someone confidentiality. And, let’s be real. If you’re in a small Texas town, then EVERYONE knows everyone. And you gotta be careful who you talk about and to whom because you just might be talking about their cousin. We’ve got you covered through our Hippa-compliant telehealth option.

If the rest of my site hasn’t scared you off or made you mad, and you’d like a friendly ear to listen in a therapeutic way, then let us know. But, you gotta live in Texas for that type of listening. We gotta follow the rules. If you don’t live in Texas and you want a friendly listening ear but without the therapy, that’s okay, too. Texans got lots of hats, you just let me know which one I need to wear. And if the hat doesn’t fit, I’ll help you find another hat fitter.

Service Type
Provider Name
The Being Place, PLLC,77449,
Telephone No.832212-0358
United States and Texas
Texas residents who are seeking counseling can seek it through Hippa-compliant telehealth options.
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