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New Thought, Right Action Consulting ServicesAre you looking for resources to have a healthier financial and family life? If you are seeking a life filled with a wealth of serenity, confidence, and health, then you are in the right place. You will learn New Thoughts and Right Actions to change your health and wealth.

Hi, I’m Brenda and I have a  passion for helping people who want to improve their experience of their “one wild and precious life.”*

This website is my vehicle for connecting with you. Here, you will find resources which will inspire you to have a New Thought and a Right Action. Offered through this website is information for services for consulting, education, inspiration, motivation, and plain, practical suggestions. I offer services in hypnosis and transformational conflict resolution.

Brenda’s background

I entered counseling after a career of leading non-profits and higher learning institutions as a public relations specialist and program manager. Journalism and writing came first, though, in creating a career. I wrote for newspapers when they were thriving and people sat and read them over a cup of coffee in the work break room on weekdays or in their recliner on Sunday mornings. Today, I am expanding my skills of how to market writing through the magic of SEO–today’s modern newspaper carrier.

As a journalist and counselor I listen to powerful stories of fascinating people. It’s an honor to fully listen to another human being’s story.

My memberships include: Association for Conflict Resolution Greater Houston; the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis; and the American Psychological Association.

What’s New Thought, Right Action?

As a cognitive-behavioral consultant, I help people grow in awareness of thoughts that impede their progress to enjoying their experience in life. New Thought, Right Action is a simple way to describe the outcome of cognitive-behavioral coaching.  The idea for the company name came when I was watching documentaries on Emmett Fox and Viktor Frankl–two people who personally inspire me and built their life around transforming their experiences to transcend suffering.

I invite you to share your story with me. In sharing it, you could have a New Thought which will lead to a Right Action to Change Your Life! Complete the contact form to reach me.

Brenda Henning

You can reach me through this contact form.


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