How to Find Your Tribe

Find your tribe and love them hard. With over 6 billion people on Earth, you’d think it would be easy to find your tribe of others who get you and love you just the way you are. Yet, loneliness seems to be a prevalent human condition these days with death Continue Reading

Plant a tree as an act of faith

You plant a tree and have faith it will grow for decades to come. When you see trees on your walks and Sunday drives, you can offer a prayer of gratitude for the anonymous person who planted it years ago for the mothers, fathers, and children s/he would never meet. If you can take Continue Reading

Earn Some Free Swag with Recyclebank

So, you think you know how to sort your recyclables? Just to be sure, you can read Recyclebank‘s blog posts or take their quizzes and earn points to trade in for cool rewards and other swag. But hey, Recyclebank makes sure the swag they offer is good to our mother Continue Reading

Before We Die, Let Us Live

What do you believe about God? Do you believe God will let us live after we die? I have read many books, talked to hundreds of people and sat in multiple dozens of classes and church services to understand what others believe and to distill it into a belief for Continue Reading

The Questions You Answer

Have you ever questioned the meaning life? Have you ever felt overwhelmed and confused in seeking the answers? You’re not alone. All around the world, people have sought the answer to meaning of life questions. When you feel this way, it can help to read someone else’s perspective to gain Continue Reading

A Letter Could Change A Life

April is National Card and Letter Writing Month. The U.S. Postal Service began the effort in 2001 to “raise awareness of the importance and historical significance of card and letter writing.” Do you have a letter you’ve kept because of the words of wisdom contained in it? Maybe you have Continue Reading

How to get out of hangover hell

Do you consider alcohol as your way to decompress from a long day at work? Perhaps, you use it to wind down and fall asleep easier. Of course, you need tools to help you manage the stress of life.  Yet, overindulgence can affect your work performance and other relationships in Continue Reading

Solutions to hearing loss

My great-grandmother was a strong, resourceful woman who was profoundly deaf. This resourcefulness was forced on her through her hearing loss and a husband who abandoned her to raise their children. A woman who was a divorcee in the late early 1900s was uncommon. A single parent with a significant Continue Reading

Spring Ahead to Good Sleep

Except for Arizonians, a collective groan is being moaned this week as people hit the snooze alarm to compensate for the hour’s loss of sleep from springing ahead with Daylight Savings time. But even Arizonians cross-country travel, so they, too, can be heard calculating hours lost from time zone changes Continue Reading

30 years of the World Wide Web! Thank you Sir Tim!

The World Wide Web turns 30 today. Thanks to the connectivity of this amazing creation, people can be anywhere, anytime without leaving their bedroom or getting out of their pajamas. What this means is if your environment has placed limitations on you through poverty of finances or mindset, then you Continue Reading

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