Boundaries are tough love

You may have heard the term “tough love” when talking about how to leverage a person to enter recovery from an addiction. Boundaries are tough love and key to improving the family unit when faced with addiction. Oftentimes, this type of boundary and tough love are used in conjunction with Continue Reading

Act on your own behalf and make good decisions

You have the right to act on your own behalf to make good choices. Everybody has dignity of choice. Some people want to blame others for their mental state or current circumstances. It’s true, we contribute to each others experiences, for better or worse. We have problems which other people Continue Reading

A Letter to the Dearhearts

Dearheart, this is already a difficult month. Many dangerous people exist in the world and it’s a challenge to feel safe. Your provoked fears may intensify other unfinished business which for most of the time lies dormant. Then, something no one had planned for occurs, and those deep rooted attitudes Continue Reading

Slogans To Save Your Sanity

Slogans are a helpful tool to help people remember important concepts. Many advertisers utilize catchy phrases so you can remember them above the competition. You can also use slogans to help you remember attitudes and philosophies which reduce stress and improve mental well being. Over the years, the 12-step recovery Continue Reading

How to buy more time for your life

I have the right to take time to learn a better way for a healthier life and the responsibility to take time to share it with others.–New Thought, Right Action Dear reader, by the time you have completed reading this post you may spend about two minutes of your life Continue Reading

How to Grow from Trauma

Learning about a family member’s or your own disabling health condition is shocking. Early on, it can be impossible to know how to grow from trauma. As humans we fit our lives inside a template. When experiences do not fit, it creates confusion. The more outside the boundaries an experience Continue Reading

The Kindness of Wise Actions

“Three owls sat on a tree and one decided to fly away. Be a wise bird and spread your wings.” Jen Alward is an art therapist with a heart of Christian kindness who also crochets as a hobby. We met through a program where we learned how to publish and Continue Reading

Are You Meeting Milestones?

Here’s an excerpt about meeting milestones from the soon to be released book “My Special Needs Child: Parenting, Advocating, and Finding Strength”. People develop in individual stages; however, understanding general guidelines for meeting milestones can help families obtain early intervention services for disabilities that can respond and improve. I waited Continue Reading

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