How to pay attention to the right things

“Take the worst part of your journey and turn it into the best.”

Kelly Barnhill
Or: a story about how to pay attention in the face of fear

You know how #facebookmemories pop up and remind you of what you were doing this day 50 consecutive years ago? For some reason, March 15 was replete with profound shares (profound to me, anyway).

March 15, 2020, is going to be replete with memories, too, all because of the self-reflection–serious and humorous–occurring in the world related to the #Coronavirus.

Even if you aren’t a reader, I hope you will read this post by Kelly Barnhill.

It will seem it’s a post about the Park Service.

But it’s not.

It may seem it’s a story about wildlife.

Keeping your cool and paying attention is the best way to live in dangerous situations.

But it’s not.

And Kelly, the author, believes it’s a post about telling stories.

And it kind of is.

But it is more a story about paying attention.

I hope you are paying attention to the right things today…

Here’s a link to her post (another #Wordpress user…)

For my pie eating friends, Kelly’s style may especially resonate for you…And for my not pie eating friends her terrible gardening skills may resonate for you.

And for the rest of us, just please pay attention.

Copyright 2020, New Thought, Right Action
Brenda Henning

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