Slogans To Save Your Sanity

Slogans are a helpful tool to help people remember important concepts. Many advertisers utilize catchy phrases so you can remember them above the competition.

You can also use slogans to help you remember attitudes and philosophies which reduce stress and improve mental well being. Over the years, the 12-step recovery community developed several slogans. People use these slogans as a shortcut to remember complicated psychological concepts. While these slogans were developed to help people in addiction recovery, they have a universal application. If you are working on a project in business, you can use these slogans to remember key concepts in achieving goals and working with other personalities.

  • One Day At A Time: A practical approach to your challenges and fears is to take them “one day at a time.” You can’t do anything about the future because the future is not within your grasp. Worrying about the future, manipulating the future, anticipating the future—all these activities simply remove you from this moment. Although you can make plans, the ultimate outcome is may be affected by many factors. You may plan to go to the beach next weekend. By then, however, a big storm may roll in forcing you to change your plans. So, by making the most of THIS day, you prepare yourself to handle whatever comes tomorrow.
  • Just For Today: Similar to the previous one, “just for today” is a slogan which focuses on the past as well as the future. If you have a large project you are working to achieve, just for today you can choose one aspect of it and work towards it. This can take overwhelming projects and break them down into a manageable level.
A graphic with a pair of lips and the words "keep it simple, sweetie!"
Slogans help you to remember to keep it simple.
  • Keep It Simple (Sweetie): When you “keep it simple” you choose to look at something at face value. This can save you time when dealing with other people. Searching out for ulterior motives impedes the progress of a plan. You can choose to look at what is happening, rather than the 50 things which may or may not follow.

  • First Things First: This slogan can buy you time. Before you react to a setback, you can take a moment to step back and reset priorities, based on new information. You can ask yourself, what is the most important thing to know right now?
  • How Important Is It: This is a perspective slogan. Yes, you are under stress with this big project. Yes, a lot is riding on this financially, emotionally, physically. Yet, are you able to keep your life in perspective with what’s going on in the big scheme of things? This is a gratitude slogan. Everyone is free to determine for themselves what is truly of value. Yet, if you are completely honest, people often get upset about matters of little importance.
  • Think: Before you react to an unreasonable demand or provocation, you can “think” before you act. You have the right to make choices which are in your best interest. Doing all you can to reduce the stress load on yourself is in your best interest. So, take a moment to “think it through” before you react to an intentional or unintentional provocation. Keeping calm is good for you.
  • Easy Does It: If you are dealing with a tough situation, then “easy does it” may be the way to approach it. If you have a conflict to work out, approach it with a gentle start up in the conversation, rather than going with a full barrel of fury.
  • Keep An Open Mind: Guidance can come in many forms and it often comes when you least expect it. If you “keep an open mind” you make yourself available to receive help, no matter where it comes from. Many inventors have stories about from where inspiration for their discoveries came. The discovery of penicillin, for example, occurred when Alexander Fleming literally let things go.  
  • Live And Let Live: When you work with people, not only do you need to keep an open mind, it’s also helpful for you to learn to “live and let live.” You may have a poor performing colleague. Who knows why? Maybe they are developing an addiction or have some other personal problem affecting their productivity. Whatever the reason, you may be affected by their circumstances. Compassion for others is emphasized in society today. That is a good philosophy; however, it is a two-sided equation. So, while you are doing what you can to support a struggling person, you also need to take time to live for yourself. Work hard, help others, and then take time for self-care and recreation for yourself.
  • Let Go and Let God: If you aren’t religious or spiritual, then you may want to skip this slogan. That’s okay. You can agree, though, that everyone answers to a higher power of some sort, whether that’s the government, your boss, or your parents (if you’re still a kid.) But if you have a spiritual connection, this can be a helpful slogan when your human resources seem to miss the mark. When you don’t know what to do, or you can’t figure out what there is to do, you can “let go and let God.” This slogan can give you permission to replace stress, worry, and suffering with serenity and faith. It is okay to relax and let life happen. You can relax and be assured that the answers, choices, actions, and thoughts you need will come to you when the time is right because you have placed them in the hands of your Higher Power.

Make your own slogans

Finally, New Thought, Right Action, has a couple more slogans which we developed to help us in life.

Do the next right thing. If you don’t know what the next right things is, then just do the next thing right.


Remember to Breathe!

Remember to Breathe! (In through your nose, out through your mouth.) Do this before anything else. This is the first thing of all of the first things.

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