The Kindness of Wise Actions

“Three owls sat on a tree and one decided to fly away. Be a wise bird and spread your wings.”

Jen Alward is an art therapist with a heart of Christian kindness who also crochets as a hobby. We met through a program where we learned how to publish and market an e-book and build a wise business which is focused on helping as many people as possible.

We connected through the program’s Facebook community and became each other’s friends. One day I shared a post from Better Homes and Gardens about an owl basket that I thought would be fun to have sitting on my desk, yet I do not know how to crochet.

In spite of our limited interactions, Jen immediately offered to make it for me with no expectation I pay her for her labor or time. It was a gift and a beautiful random act of kindness. It came at a time when I was concerned about the well-being of a family member who was experiencing some significant health issues. Her gift encouraged me in ways which are inadequate to express. Random acts of kindness can have that effect on people.

Crocheting for stress reduction

Recent research shows that crocheting and knitting help alleviate stress and anxiety and improve focus. Perhaps, crocheting the basket helped Jen keep focus on the tasks of completing her e-book, Hope and Healing at Home, which I invite you to check out. It, too, is a beautiful item with much spiritual wisdom packed between its pages as it offers activities to help connect your family.

Most importantly, therapists are generous as a tribe and Jen abundantly is. She expressed no expectation of remuneration. To demonstrate my gratitude, though, I donated to the non profit of her choice, which is the International Justice Mission. This nonprofit now has a special place in my heart as it is the largest nonprofit working to eradicate slavery, particularly sex slavery. Houston, where I live, is the epicenter of human trafficking.

Me with the wise owl basket.

Counselors have a calling for acts of kindness and service to others. Art therapists offer a depth of exploration with a unique insight elicited through creativity. They have a strong intuition which guides them in their work in how to best help someone heal. Jen’s innate kindness must have sensed I needed those wise eyes looking at me everyday, reminding me that whatever difficulties are encountered in life, the healers are waiting in the wings.

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