Choosing Yourself for Abundance

Generously, James Altucher gave tickets and drinks to everyone who attended his Houston show this week.  If you monitor his Twitter or Facebook accounts, he may give you tickets if you live where he’s performing next. Choosing yourself for free experiences is abundant.

He has a huge fan base related to his thoughts about financial independence. He shares what he’s learned through his experiences in his books, podcasts, newsletters, and website. I’ve followed James for a decade. I’ve bought his monthly newsletter, which is chock full of practical tips on how to increase your income as well as his opinions of emerging markets in which to consider investing.

Boundaries and Generosity

The Book Choose Yourself.
Choose Yourself and fill out the contact form for a chance to receive this book for free.

Gratitude is a cornerstone mindset of James’s. Gratitude is a cornerstone mindset of any person embarking on New Thoughts, Right Actions. In gratitude to James, I want to send one person a copy of James’ book “Choose Yourself. I invite you to fill out this website’s contact form and I’ll randomly select a person.  And please, tell me your story why this is the time for you to start Choosing Yourself for New Thoughts, Right Actions.

The book that was the most pivotal, though, was James’s “The Power of No.” Boundaries and generosity are vital companions. “The Power of No” is a step-by-step guide to focusing your generosity by setting up boundaries which ultimately help you “choose yourself.” The affiliate link follows.

Persistence and Hard Work

James is clear though, that the secret sauce to boosting your income is persistence and hard work through the lens of “choosing yourself.” People who want to sell you a “get rich fast scheme” have one motivation and that’s to get rich themselves. You are their means to that end. So, you need to be “consumer beware” if you find yourself attracted to an investment strategy which sounds too good to be true.

And passive income is an oxymoron. To set the stage for a passive income, such as selling books or newsletters, you have to do a lot of work on the front end. This stuff doesn’t write itself. If you are working on a passive income in an industry in which you love, then it won’t seem so much like work. To reap the benefits later, you have to put the time and effort in now.

Trying New Things

Part of living an abundant life is trying new things. Find things you enjoy and that are good for you. If you like scrapbooking, try that. If you want to learn salsa dancing, give it a whirl. Finding ways to incorporate humor into your daily routine will promote the quality of abundance.  

James Altucher is choosing himself by expanding his work into comedy.
James Altucher at the Joke Joint in Houston.

James is adding abundance to his life and others by pursuing his new venture of comedy performance.  Comedy is an act of intimacy as it is an interactive performance. I thought I knew about James because of his willingness to share so much of himself through his books and other ventures. Yet comedy was another layer which revealed his integrity and humanity. It was family-friendly humor and I am grateful for his generosity.

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