How to get out of hangover hell

Happy Holidays! ‘Tis the season to drink wine at lunch, spiked punch at after-work parties, and Coke and rum at family functions.  With the easy access to alcohol in our society, it should be no surprise if you find yourself caught in a perpetual hangover hell. 

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Do you rationalize your alcohol use as your way to decompress from a long day at work? Maybe you feel more relaxed with people when you drink and you perceive yourself enjoying your social interactions more? Perhaps, you use it to wind down and fall asleep easier.

Of course, you need tools to help you manage the stress of life.  Yet, overindulgence can affect your work performance and other relationships in ways which can cause irreparable damage. Alcohol-related health issues, include:

  •  heart-related and cardiovascular problems,
  • many cancers, such as breast, colon, liver, mouth, and esophagus,
  • mental health concerns, such as depression and anxiety
  • decreased social functioning and work performance.
Breathe Deeply
In the photo a beach in Zanzibar at sunset where there is an inscription on the sand “Breathe Deeeply”.

Before you experiment with “hangover cures,” I invite you,  to assess your drinking habits to learn if you are in the social drinking range or if you are developing an alcohol abuse disorder.  Low risk drinking is considered no more than four drinks on any day for men and no more than three drinks on any day for women, according to the National Institutes of Health. Drinking limits for the week are no more than 14 drinks per week for men and no more than seven drinks per week for women. To stay within the low-risk range you need to keep both the single-day and weekly limits. 

After an honest appraisal, if you realize you are in the high risk or heavy drinking range and are curious about how you might make healthier choices or are ready to make healthier choices, then I invite you to click here and confidentially reach out to New Thought, Right Action Consulting Services. 

If you are in the low-risk drinking range, then keep reading on as these tips can speed up your recovery from over-indulgence.

  • Drink more water. This will help eliminate the toxins from your body. You know if you are drinking enough water if your pee starts to turn clear. If you are peeing yellow then you are not drinking enough water. Also, it’s important to drink ACTUAL water, not coffee or tea or soda made with water. The sodium content in soda will dehydrate you making it more difficult to flush out your system.
  • Get plenty of rest. As much as possible, go to bed at the same time every night and if you can make yourself do it, see if you can go to bed 30 minutes earlier than you normally do.
  •  Make yourself put up your electronics at least an hour before your bedtime. It’s important to do this so your brain doesn’t get its circadian rhythms disrupted by confusing it with artificial lights.
  • This is a bowl of Chili Colorado, made with hot chili peppers.At mealtimes do the best you can to eat as healthy as you can to compensate for  the sugars in alcohol. When you eat too much sugar you really do a number on your blood sugar which can spike and dip, causing you to feel jittery and shaky and develop severe  mood swings, including anger and sadness. 
  • Deal with your emotions in healthier ways, such as writing in a journal, talking to a friend or visiting a counselor.  If you’re hungover, well, so is the guy in the next cubicle and that gets annoying dealing with cranky, hungover people everyday. So, acknowledge that other people may be getting on your nerves because their nerves are shot, too. Make a decision to not take anything personally during this time because the person flipping you off in traffic may just be having a pre-diabetic mood swing from all of the sugar he’s been eating and alcohol he’s been drinking. It really has nothing to do with you.

Remember to Breathe!

Our work families and our home families can be hard, especially if they’re hungover. So, give yourself a little breathing room by actually breathing in a diaphragmatic way. This will deliver more oxygen to your hungover cells and organs and help them perk up. You can do that now by breathing in through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Go ahead and try it now.

When you play as hard as you work, you want to have a New Thought and a Right Action on how to recover fast. 

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Breathe Deeply written in sand on a beach.
In the photo a beach in Zanzibar at sunset where there is an inscription on the sand “Breathe Deeply”.


    1. Thank you. Hopefully we don’t have to go to hangover hell to begin with. But if we do, there are some things to do to make the ascent out of it more comfortable.

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