Received damaged and healed by love

damaged condition

Those look like God’s initials on the sticker. Or at least a nudge from the United States Postal Service to remind me of how God receives me when I approach Him. It’s hard to tell whose initials, though, because of the size of the script.

Yet, it’s a reminder of how God communicates to us most of the time.

In such small, subtle ways.

It comes across as:

  • The small, still voice inside your mind.
  • The brush of the wind on your cheek.
  • The sight of the butterfly as it flutters by.
  • The twinkling, colorful lights at Christmas time.

“Received in damaged condition.” The letter wasn’t sent to me in an already damaged condition.  Something occurred to it during its travels. That’s how we arrive when we enter God’s realm.

We. Are. Damaged.

By others.
By illness.
By nature.
By ourselves.
By life, itself.

Yet, if we are willing to open the door, or in this case the flap of the envelope, you will find inside joy and peace as God rushes to greet you with the love which comes wrapped to us this time of year in the promise of a newborn–God made into flesh.

May you have a holiday season and a New Year filled with:

damaged condition - Copy

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