A car is vertical parking in a parallel parking space.

Parallel career choices may be the best move

A car is vertical parking in a parallel parking space.
You may find a parallel career move improving your skills more than a vertical one.

If you’re in a position to make a choice in your career, logic tells us the best move is a vertical, rather than a parallel one. Even in parking your vehicle, head-in, rather than parallel parking is easier.

The same as in improving driving skills, a parallel move or a lattice supported approach may be the best decision in moving out of a career comfort zone. Vertical or head-on parking is the easiest maneuver. Yet, parallel parking will hone your driving skills. You experience the pressure, for certain, on a busy city street with other drivers queued waiting for you to get your car parked.

The high-achiever brain thrives on challenge. Boredom is the Achilles’s heel of many people. Boredom can lead them to compensate for it with a set of unhealthy distractions, such as work place gossip. It’s better financially for you if you can stimulate your brain with on-the-job training and have someone else pay for it.

Now, sometimes a toxic work environment may make it seem any move to escape is best. With a little patience, supportive coaching, and determination, though, I know you can wait just a tad longer to make a move that best serves you. Even within the same company, one work group may have a different culture than another. Making a lateral move within your current workplace develops track record of work stability, rather than job hopping.

No matter whether “it’s just a jump to the left or a step to the right” the parallel move may be the best for you in stretching you out of your comfort zone.

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